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Welcome To YOUR New Website

It's simple, fresh and flexible...and can work for ANY business.

So far, it’s helped Freelancers, Writers, Coaches, Builders, Beauticians, Yoga Teachers and a Stone Mason get their business live. There are endless possibilities, just see our demo and live client site examples.

Our visual user guide* helps you change the images & text to your own with no tech knowledge required, and you can be online. looking great within hours!

(*There’s also a dedicated FB group and team on hand to help you, so it’s easy. We promise!)


Service/Feature 1

This is where you would put some information about what you do.

Service/Feature 2

You can change the star to another icon, or an image of your own

Service/Feature 3

The colour of the icon can be changed to one that works for you.

Service/Feature 4

Or, if this section doesn’t work for you, you can remove it completely!

Here you can put a little bit more information about yourself, your service, even your prices.

You can add as much or as little as you want.

Please see our working examples for ideas and inspiration!




You can also use this section to put a profile of yourself, if you’d like your customers to know a little bit more about you. You can also add your social profiles so they can find you on every platform.

Please get in touch!

This is where you would put your contact details, telephone number, email address, opening hours or whatever is relevant to you.

13 + 3 =

Client Testimonials

This is where your customer reviews testimonials will go. John

You can add a photo, or leave it out. Up to you! Louise

You can have as many as you like – you’re not limited to 3. Carl